Dicke Beute = Thick Bee-Hive

Concept for a bee-centered and beekeeper-friendly bee home.

Dicke Beute (german) [ˈdɪkə ˈbɔytə] = thick bee-hive

»Die Bienenwohnung sei dem Bien genehm und dem Imker bequem.« Ferdinand Gerstung

Motivation: Each bee spends 97% up to far beyond 99% of her lifetime inside the hive (bee house). Conditions inside the hive should be such, that a colony can live in close touch with nature. The influence of stress factors such as changes in temperature, humidity and inappropriate surfaces should be reduced.

Target: The bees adjust the climate in the hive (temperature, humidity) and surfaces themselves. As in a tree, they underlie little influences from the outside.


Primary principles

  1. Only natural materials: untreated wood, glue from natural components only (no paint, no metal, no plastic, no solvent-based adhesives)
  2. Thick walls for very good isolation, 4 cm? 6 cm? more?
  3. Massive construction: good warmth perseverance helps to keep energy turnover low
  4. Rough inner surface, so that bees can cover it with propolis (= bee glue)
  5. Breathable lid (german: Diffusionsoffener Deckel), e.g. similar to the »quilt« with Émile Warré's People's Hive
  6. Ventilated roof, that allows the wind to carry moisture away from the breathable lid
  7. Detached positioning, only one or two hives under one roof

Secondary principles

Massive, lasting construction is an advantage for stationary (non-migratory) beekeeping. At least it is no drawback.

Dicke Beute is the German language original article to this translation.

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